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20/02/2018 10:40:06
topic: Staplehurst Open Gardens 2018

Posts 9
All Saints Church is organising Open Gardens 2018 over the weekend of June 9th and 10th; gardens can be open for either or both days. We welcome gardens of all kinds: tiny or vast, tidy or natural, flowers or veg, expert or novice, exotic or just what likes growing!
If you would like to open your garden (or would like more information) please email organisers:
Mary Henley or Anne Brenchley
13/02/2018 14:09:16
topic: FOR SALE: YEW CD Tower

Posts 61
Beautiful CD Tower - yew reproduction. Stores 60 CDs. Excellent condition apart from one mark on the side.


H 105cm
D 24cm
W 22.5cm

08/02/2018 17:16:30
topic: Blue and White Bicycle Found

Parish Clerk
Posts 315
A child's/small adult's bicycle has been found at Surrenden Field. Please contact the parish office, Village Centre to claim.
08/02/2018 12:11:25
topic: New Pedestrian crossing in Marden Road

Posts 82
There is some logic to it and it is being built at no cost to the council tax payers, being funded by Taylor Wimpey as part of the building of the houses at the top of Oliver Road. No, of course people from Northdown won't use it to get to the Village, it's more for pedestrians from Oliver/Stanley/Jeffery Roads and, of course those new houses to walk to the station via Lime Trees. It was I believe a Pelican crossing originally, but will now, sensibly, be a Zebra.
07/02/2018 20:58:28
topic: New Pedestrian crossing in Marden Road

Posts 380
Most people I have seen crossings there just ignore it and walk straight across. Will it be a zebra or pelican crossing? I think the former would be more useful.
07/02/2018 08:54:23
topic: New Pedestrian crossing in Marden Road

Posts 8
Am I alone in thinking that this new crossing is totally in the wrong place? The vast majority of foot traffic comes from Northdown and is heading to the shops or the school. Do the planners really expect them to turn left, walk 100 yards in the wrong direction, cross the road and walk back again?

I rather think that they will continue to do what they do now. Cross Marden Road between Northdown and Thatcher Road. This surely is where the crossing is needed and where it should be if safety is the prime consideration. Put it where it is needed, not where it is more convenient (or cheaper).

Yes, the new Lime Trees estate is closer to the crossing and the new estates North and South of Marden Road will be too, but I predict the majority of the foot traffic from these new estates will also be heading towards the village centre and therefore use a crossing further down Marden road at Northdown. Currently I see very little use of the temporary crossing being made. It don't that see that changing when a lot of our money has been spent building the permanent crossing.

I can only think the brains behind this has never been to Staplehurst!
05/02/2018 15:46:46
topic: Measles outbreaks in England

Robin Oakley
Posts 200
Measles is a highly infectious viral illness that can be very unpleasant and can sometimes lead to serious complications. Children and young people who have not received 2 doses of MMR vaccine are at risk. Anyone planning to travel to central and eastern Europe where there are currently large outbreaks of measles are at particularly high risk. Public Health England local health protection teams are working closely with the NHS and local authorities to raise awareness of the outbreaks in England with health professionals and local communities. The MMR vaccine is available to all adults and children who are not up to date with their 2 doses. Anyone who is not sure if they are fully vaccinated should check with their GP practice.
04/02/2018 14:01:35
topic: Footpath Group February walk

Peter Ashby
Posts 69
This month's walk will be next Sunday at 2.00 pm, meeting at Bell Lane Car Park. The route will be around 3.5 miles. Please join us for a social ramble for people of all ages. However, no dogs please, as the walk will include farmland.
01/02/2018 11:39:27
topic: Headcorn road

Posts 37
Its a shame that Homeleighs will be leaving, I normally walk to the store when I need anything that doesn't need to be picked up by car, travelling to the store outside of the village will entail me becoming another road user, slightly increasing pressure on the junction.

I regularly note cars using Station Rd as a race track, even witnessing overtaking at the traffic lights, in one instance a post office light truck was overtaking a stationary vehicle by Homeleighs and a car was trying to overtake the truck. This will only get worse.
30/01/2018 17:50:39
topic: Headcorn road

Posts 82
On the subject of Headcorn Road - the latest fly tipping in the gateway between the two bridges is truly disgusting and I do wish they could be caught and some real penalties applied. There is another pile further along before Sutton Valance. Low-lifes deserve nothing but contempt.
30/01/2018 17:47:59
topic: Headcorn road

Posts 82
Shops closed or closing - Spuds & Buds and one of the charity shops.
Homeleigh Timber - permission given to redevelop the site for housing.
30/01/2018 15:48:07
topic: Key Found

Parish Clerk
Posts 315
A 'Yale' type key has been found outside of Staplehurst Village Centre. If you have lost a key please come to the parish office Monday - Thursday 9.00am until 1.00pm to claim.
29/01/2018 21:10:12
topic: Headcorn road

Posts 337
'Sadly the limited shopping will soon become even worse with more closures'
'The biggest problem on the southern end of Station Road will be solved when/if Homeleigh move out '

24/01/2018 17:18:35
topic: brick red Woman's bicycle found.

Posts 1

A brick-red colour woman's bicycle was left for a number of days by the bus stop in front of the Crown cottages near All Saints church. I have stored it in the dry.

Has anybody lost this bike? Let me know and I can arrange a return.

Thanks Fieldfare
20/01/2018 10:43:31
topic: New Kent Rail Franchis Meeting 17th Februry 2018

Simon Green
Posts 37
Those soud like good reasons to come to the Railfuture meeting!
19/01/2018 10:47:46
topic: New Kent Rail Franchis Meeting 17th Februry 2018

Posts 380
I got caught up in that fiasco yesterday and also today, the 0820 was cancelled again for the very same reason, no stopping at certain stations to make up time.
I have emailed southeastern today complaining about their poor performance.
Since the beginning of December it's been rare for a train to have a full compliment of working toilets, unacceptable when the total train journey to its end destination is over two hours, and very often when they are working they are dirty and have no toilet paper.
Lack of information when there are problems has been an ongoing situation for years now.
With huge increases in fares, my season ticket is now nearly £5000!, however I have seen no improvement in the service or rolling stock for years.
18/01/2018 20:16:02
topic: New Kent Rail Franchis Meeting 17th Februry 2018

Simon Green
Posts 37
The Railfuture Kent division meeting will be in Maidstone on Saturday 17 February 2018 from 14.00. Our venue will be the Maidstone Community Support Centre, 39-48 Marsham Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1HH which is a short walk from Maidstone's rail stations and of course by bus.

All are welcome - members, non-members, Rail User Groups and other Rail Industry partners (it would be useful if you notified joint Chris Fribbins - - if you are planning to attend, but it is not essential). If you have any specific Kent issues you would like to discuss now or at future meetings, let us know via Chris Fribbins. There is a lot going on in the Kent Route Area - forthcoming Integrated Kent/South Eastern franchise renewal from DfT, Kent Area Route Study from Network Rail - and we want Railfuture involved and influencing OUR railway.

We are inviting the three bidders for the new Kent Franchise to attend but we do not yet know which if any will be able to come.

My personal opinion (not necessarily the Railfuture view) is that Staplehurst is getting another bad deal in the Invitation to Tender - Still only two trains an hour and if one gets cancelled (often by skipping stations from Pluckley to Paddock Wood) we are down to one. This happened today. The 8.20 was completely cancelled. The 8.50 was then diverted at Sevenoaks to terminate at Victoria. I got the next train from Sevenoaks which was from Tunbridge Wells and standing room only in four carriages. I don't think they are allowed to cancel trains to and from Tunbridge Wells!

The bidders can choose to offer more than is in the Invitation so this is a good opportunity to try to influence them either directly, if they come, or through Railfuture.

Meantime, I continue to press Southeastern on the flooded car park with potholes and on the new car park due to be properly contructed on the rough area to the west of the station. I am told this work should start in late March and be completed in the autumn.
18/01/2018 12:14:15
topic: Helen's Coffee House *UPDATE*

Posts 26
Roll up roll up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! The time has come to cut the ribbon and light the lights as Helen's Coffee House reopens THIS SATURDAY 20th with a new feel and an exciting new feature for our wonderful customers to enjoy. Come and grab a coffee and see what we've done - we CANNOT wait to find out what you think xxxx

FREE tea or coffee this Saturday 20th with any non-food purchase over £10

Helen's Coffee House
High Street
TN12 0AH
01580 388210
15/01/2018 10:50:03
topic: Driving Instructor needd

Roy Barclay
Posts 39
Bob Moore got both our sons through the driving test first time while they were still in their teens. That was around ten years ago, so I don't know if he is still operating. Afraid I can't remember his contact details either but I believe it was a Maidstone telephone number. Good luck!
14/01/2018 10:52:18
topic: Headcorn road

Posts 82
The biggest problem on the southern end of Station Road will be solved when/if Homeleigh move out (albeit there will be the problem of builders vans whilst the site is built out). The line-up of their lorries with their 'parking lights' (hazard warnings lights) blocking the pavement is a real pain.
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