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21/03/2018 10:48:53
Local Resident
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And a quick read of the news today will tell you why I won't be doing that.

The growing assumption that Facebook is a staple of life, effectively part of the infrastructure, worries me. They are a commercial organisation whose product is YOU. If lots of people choose to accept that than fine, but a desire to retain a shred of privacy should not make one a second-class citizen.

So farewell, Staplehurst Forum.
03/03/2018 15:35:33
Local Resident
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First stage would be to set yourself up a new Facebook account - try
Then add some details about yourself and save some groups such as and/or
02/03/2018 08:57:32
Local Resident
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I have just read in the Spring 2018 Village Update that there is to be a new Parish Website which will not be able to accommodate a Forum section. As a regular visitor and occasional contributor I am very disappointed at this news and surprised at the lack of consultation.

Apparently the number of post and viewings has tailed off and there are thriving Facebook groups being heavily used. Can anyone, in simple language and step by step,tell me how to access Facebook and find a group that discusses items relevant to living in Staplehurst
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