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08/02/2018 12:11:25
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There is some logic to it and it is being built at no cost to the council tax payers, being funded by Taylor Wimpey as part of the building of the houses at the top of Oliver Road. No, of course people from Northdown won't use it to get to the Village, it's more for pedestrians from Oliver/Stanley/Jeffery Roads and, of course those new houses to walk to the station via Lime Trees. It was I believe a Pelican crossing originally, but will now, sensibly, be a Zebra.
07/02/2018 20:58:28
Local Resident
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Most people I have seen crossings there just ignore it and walk straight across. Will it be a zebra or pelican crossing? I think the former would be more useful.
07/02/2018 08:54:23
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Am I alone in thinking that this new crossing is totally in the wrong place? The vast majority of foot traffic comes from Northdown and is heading to the shops or the school. Do the planners really expect them to turn left, walk 100 yards in the wrong direction, cross the road and walk back again?

I rather think that they will continue to do what they do now. Cross Marden Road between Northdown and Thatcher Road. This surely is where the crossing is needed and where it should be if safety is the prime consideration. Put it where it is needed, not where it is more convenient (or cheaper).

Yes, the new Lime Trees estate is closer to the crossing and the new estates North and South of Marden Road will be too, but I predict the majority of the foot traffic from these new estates will also be heading towards the village centre and therefore use a crossing further down Marden road at Northdown. Currently I see very little use of the temporary crossing being made. It don't that see that changing when a lot of our money has been spent building the permanent crossing.

I can only think the brains behind this has never been to Staplehurst!
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Home » Local News & Events » New Pedestrian crossing in Marden Road

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