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12/12/2017 12:14:09
Local Resident
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The Maidstone Borough Council have blatantly lied to me on numerous occasions in the past mainly to cover up their own mistakes. When you complain they close ranks, so sadly anything they do does not surprise me anymore.
As a local government "forward planning/thinking" should be at the top of their agenda. As has already been mentioned, knowing of the new developments in the village, little if any "forward planning/thinking" has gone into their comments.
11/12/2017 16:56:48
Local Resident
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I agree, short sighted.

As far as Staplehurst is concerned (maybe across the Borough), MBC are not Planning. They are rubber-stamping almost everything that comes across their desk. Unless a hundred residents kick their ward councillors to intervene then MBC’s planning team will simply just say yes - even actively write to people to expand their previously refused travellers sites or to encourage people to put in plans to build on their gardens (see latest Local Plan).

And in this case, even with a unanimous refusal the MBC’s Planning team still effectively overruled the committee y the backdoor when agreeing with the applicant that the Tavern was unviable and not actively defending the appeal.

I do not know who the planners serve, but clearly they do not see the community as a priority. I would replace them with administrators on half their pay for all the real ‘planning’ they do.
11/12/2017 08:48:01
Local Resident
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This seems staggeringly short-sighted. I can excuse the view that the site has not proven viable based on recent efforts by a succession of different managers, but the population projections and, specifically, the new estate on Headcorn Road, gives that site huge potential. Its one thing losing our open spaces to new developments, but packing housing into every available space in the village isn't acceptable. The current building opposite Parisfield of a small chalet bungalow is a further example - whoever approved planning for a house with 3 bedrooms, two of which have restricted height ceilings, no garden, and parking for one car, should have their qualifications checked.
10/12/2017 19:48:55
Local Resident
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Yet again urban dwellers call the shots. The officers I understand are employed by the council, who are elected members, all in all the tax/council tax payer employs them and pays wages and expenses, then we call the shots. Frittenden road still a fiasco, appeals coming up! Have spent over 11years listening to excuses from MBC, they should try living with the situation, I could go into detail of what we have had to put up with, it is the usual knock on effect, usually quoted is 'its a civil matter' thanks a lot!
10/12/2017 19:07:16
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The Tavern is lost on appeal.

Thanks mainly to MBC planning officers supporting the developer's claim that the Tavern is not and could never again be a viable business, pub or otherwise, the Planning Inspector had little option but to support the developer's appeal against MBC Planning Committee's decision to keep the Tavern as a pub.

Thank you MBC Planning Officers for putting lots of effort into building nearly 800 houses in Staplehurst but putting nil effort into ensuring we have a crossroads that is not clogged with traffic, ensuring we have shops and pubs, or ensuring we have enough primary school places for the future.

Thanks - a - bunch
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Home » Local News & Events » The Railway Tavern is lost - developer won appeal

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