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Staplehurst Village Clean-Up 10th March   -   Surgeries at the Library will now be monthly   -   Volunteer as an education appeal panel member   -   Kent Police & Crime Commissioner Proposals   -   Temporary Road Closures   -   Update to Household Waste Recycling Centre Policies   -   Community Policing Volunteers being recruited   -   NatWest Community Banker's New Visit Time   -   Christmas Lights   -   Parish Councillor Vacancy   -   The older persons bus pass renewal information
Created in July 1999, this website is regularly updated and new content is often added, particularly Latest News, minutes of council meetings and reports from village groups.  Check the Calendar for information about local events and visit the Forum for discussion of topics of local interest.
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For Staplehurst parish issues or feedback on this site, feel free to get in touch with any Councillor through the Parish Clerk or contact the Parish Office directly (see details below).

Staplehurst Parish Council
Parish Office
Village Centre *
High Street
Kent. TN12 0BJ
Tel: (01580) 891761
* For information about the Village Centre, including contact details for bookings, please visit the Centre's website at